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Our traditional customer base includes:

Wholesalers specialised in catering, groups that supply the bakery and confectionery sector,

Artisanal and industrial processors:

  • for savoury: caterers, meat dressers, bakers, pizza, savoury pie, and ready-to-serve meal makers, etc.
  • for sweet: manufacturers of fresh or frozen pastry, ice cream and sherbet producers, jam makers, etc.

Institutional and out-of-home food services,

Distributors: vendor-resellers, speciality grocers, etc.


Exports account for 30% of our turnover, not only within the European Union (Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Sweden, Finland, etc.) but also worldwide (Switzerland, Japan, China, French Polynesia, etc.).

We hope the quality of our products will continue to attract new customers in search of original recipes.

This is why we can, on request, study the feasibility of new products adapted to your needs, that best meet both your requirements and those of your customers.