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Fruits & vegetables
from beautiful Provence




Our careful selection approach to sourcing means we can uphold the outstanding taste qualities of our products. Our work with some producers actually spans several generations.


The fruits and vegetables we use are fresh and locally sourced from the regional farmlands of Provence and the Rhone Valley.
They are field-grown, picked at maturity at the height of the season, and processed immediately, with no lag time in storage or transport. They are why our products deliver on the promise of exceptional flavour.


Furthermore, the state-of-the-art facilities at our plant for processing these raw materials guarantee the traceability and safety our customers are entitled to expect.


Conserves Guintrand is increasingly offering customers more organic products made with fruit and vegetables from organic farming and, more often than not, grown in “Provence”.
• These preserves are generally produced further to customer reservations, made before seasonal harvests.
• Our Organic products are “Ecocert” certified.
Do not hesitate to ask us about any Organic product availabilities or about developing new Organic recipes.