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The Guintrand family,
four generations of canners


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Guintrand has been canning locally grown fruits and vegetables in Carpentras, Provence, for well over a hundred years.

In 1898 company founder Paul Guintrand, then living in Caromb on the foothills of Mont-Ventoux, produced his first cans in an improvised workshop in the family home. The equipment was that of the time, a horse drawing the press that reduced the tomatoes into puree…

In 1910, he moved to Carpentras to be closer to the railway line and the cannery located there. Now, he was free from the transportation constraint, which in those days, still involved a horse and buggy... His workshop was modernised thanks to the revolutionary production methods offered with electricity and steam.

Since then, the expertise and skill of successive teams has only improved with time, in keeping with the quality principle, which has always been the company’s mantra.

Today, four generations have passed the torch in a spirit of solidarity to ensure that Guintrand remains a family business devoted to its quality commitments and proud to perpetuate the culinary traditions of Provence...