METAL rouelles de tomates 4250ml4250 ml - 850 ml

Ingredients: tomatoes, water, salt, calcium chloride.tomatoes, water, salt, calcium chloride.

Instructions and suggestions for use: use to decorate and (or) garnish savoury pastry dishes (pizza, panini, bruschetta, etc.), serve as an accompaniment for meat or fish, fry them Provençal style with garlic and parsley, or add them to sandwiches.

Nutrient value/100 g:  Energy KJ/Kcal: 76.1/17.9   Fat: 0.14 g   Saturated: 0 g   Carbohydrate: 3.6 g   Sugars: 2.28 g   Protein: 0.63 g   Sodium: 0.49 g